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Transformers: UNIVERSE

Luego del excelente rédito cosechado por "War for Cybertron" nos llegan noticias del ambicioso proyecto "Universe". Sigue leyendo para una entrevista con el productor y algunos trailers!

Sabido es que el juego será en plataforma MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Rol Playing Game) y aquí les dejo dos entrevistas con Kris Jones en inglés, una fue extraída de la página de noticias "North County Times" mientras que el otro es un video de Youtube. Plus también les dejo algunos videos del game play y el trailer oficial (requete recontra difundido ya).

This week, senior producer Kris Jones opened up about game's storyline, potential movie tie-in and the increasing popularity of browser-based games.
1. Details around the title are slim, which has led to a lot of online speculation. What details can you confirm?
Transformers Universe has been progressing really well since we announced the game publically earlier this year. The game will be a browser-based, action-orientated MMO and will sit within the "Prime" timeline, along with the Prime cartoon, the book Exodus, and the War for Cybertron games. We have confirmed that players will be able to pledge their loyalty to either the AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS and fully design and customise their own Transformer character before joining the game and fighting alongside the key Transformers characters.

2. It sounds like the game will be browser based, if so, will there be a subscription fee?
Transformers Universe will be a browser-based game allowing players instant access to the game.
The billing method for the game is still being defined, but it goes without saying we will be using all our experience in the free-to-play market as well as latest developments in the MMO space to ensure we use a billing mechanic that best suits and enhances the gameplay experience.

3. How much (if it all) will this title tie-in with the movies? Will there be a lot of familiar characters?
There is no tie in between Transformers Universe and the recent movies.
Naturally there will be some key Transformers characters who appear in both the movies and our game, however, as the games storyline will be significantly deeper, we'll be able to bring back a lot of familiar characters from the last 25 years which we know Transformers fans will love.

4. This sounds like a very ambitious title. Is there anything you can compare it too?
I don't think there is anything you can really directly compare to the Transformers franchise and the involvement of our 60 foot high robot friends will certainly make Transformers Universe a unique MMO experience. As a brand, Transformers appeal to so many people, so our aim is to create a full blown MMO that will provide a rich and layered experience to satisfy more hardcore MMO players, while also designing a game that brings something fun and accessible to all Transformers fans.

5. There seems to be a surge in browser-based games. Do you think this symbols an end to the console-era?
As an avid console player myself I hope not, but there is no doubt the industry is going through some seismic shifts and will continue to do so over the next 5/10 years. The challenge for us is to create a game that changes the way people view browser based games, so they do not even think about that aspect anymore and focus instead on how much fun they are having playing Transformers Universe.

Fuente: http://www.nctimes.com/blogsnew/entertainment/leeroyhandle/article_c926e18c-ccde-11e0-888d-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1Y3isMOrz

Trailer Oficial:


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